Woman Claims Tinder Banned Her Over Hunting Pictures

A woman from Vermont is accusing Tinder of a double standard after she says the dating app banned her over hunting pictures.
Nichole Magoon’s profile picture showed her posing with a dead deer that she shot.
She says hunting is a big part of her life and is something she’s like to share with a potential partner.
Yet, when she opened the app during a recent trip to San Francisco, Nichole says someone on the east coast flagged photos as offensive.

“I opened up Tinder, in a few hours i was banned from the platform,” says Nichole Magoon. “They responded and said I had violated the terms of service and their community guidelines.”

But Nichole says she took extra care to make sure her pictures were not too graphic.
She says, “I cropped it so there were no weapons, no blood.”

She also says she found dozens of Tinder profiles with pictures of men hunting, so she doesn’t understand why her profile was singled out.
“I just want to see some of the standards change. That’s what it’s really all about.”

Tinder says Nichole’s account was reported multiple times.
After initially telling her she was banned for life, the app says it resolved the issue and will allow Nichole to use Tinder again.
Though she plans to find another dating app.