The EDGE Panelists Try ‘Milk Coke’ And Other Strange Food Combos

Have you ever heard of mixing milk and Coca-Cola?
Apparently, some people do it.
The weird combination became a hot topic on social media after a comedy writer in England shared pictures of him enjoying the crazy cocktail.
He says it is a “real thing” and that people from his town of Birmingham absolutely love the combo.
Apparently, it’s not a new thing: Laverne used to drink milk mixed with Pepsi on the old “Laverne and Shirley” show.
The internet seems split between people who think the drink sounds completely disgusting and others who either love it or want to try it.

Now would you try Cheetos and milk?
How about a peanut butter and pickle sandwich?
Those are just a few of the weird food combinations Buzzfeed featured after polling its readers.
Also on their list:
– Peanut butter and cheese
– Oreos and orange juice
– Bananas and mayonnaise on a sandwich

(All of which our adventurous EDGE panelists volunteered to taste-test!)