Last Blockbuster On Earth: What Old Tech Do You Miss The Most?

In less than two weeks, a video store in the small town of Bend, Oregon will become the last remaining Blockbuster on the planet.
It is like a time capsule, in more ways than one.
In addition to racks of old VHS tapes and video game cartridges, the store still relies on much of the same tech it did in the 90’s.
Their computer system still uses floppy disks.
Employees write membership cards by hand, because the dot matrix printer broke.
But the store’s manager says that all adds to charm.
“We still have popcorn ceilings, we have yellow and blue everywhere,” says Sandi Harding. “We have the same movies everywhere, it feels like your stepping back in time.”

There were once 9,000 Blockbusters worldwide, but right now there are only two.
The Blockbuster is in Perth, Australia will close for good at the end of March.
But business is booming in Oregon; customers say Blockbuster offers an experience that streaming services like Netflix don’t.

“I think I miss quite a bit the being able to walk into a Blockbuster or a cd store and have that social experience,” says Michael Trovato. “It’s something you don’t get from a the slick presentation of a music service or the internet.”