Is Social Media Making People Less Social?

Sharon Osbourne has some strong opinions about social media and the effect it is having on young people.
She told British tabloid The Daily Star that kids these days are ‘rude and entitled’ and she blames technology, suggesting that teens spend too much time on devices, instead of than engaging with each other in real life.

Osbourne told The Daily Star, “It is just life skills and social skills and this generation that’s coming up – 16, 17, 18-year-olds – they have very bad social skills.”
She may be onto something; a new study from The Journal of Abnormal Psychology says young people are now less interested in socializing than they used to be.
High schoolers spend less time with friends in person and attend fewer parties.
And its not just teens becoming less social: another study found that simply holding your smartphone lowers your ability to relate to someone during a face-to-face conversation.