Jennifer Lopez Claims Men Under 33 Are ‘Useless’

Guys, sorry if you were born after 1987.
Jennifer Lopez thinks you just aren’t worth the time, yet.

A clip of Lopez on Tinder’s video series ‘Swipe Sessions’ from last summer resurfaced over the weekend.
Lopez takes over the swiping for a 29-year-old aspiring country singer named Brooke.
She quickly weeds out a few men, before pausing on a 29-year-old man named Maurice and offers Brooke some sage advice.

“Guys, until they’re 33, are really useless,” Lopez said.

Lopez may have a point, especially if you are looking for a commitment.
Relationship experts say it can take a man well into his thirties before he is established professionally and financially secure.
That sense of accomplishment leads to maturity, which is why some men who are all about dating in their twenties can suddenly be ready to settle down in their thirties.