Two Sides Fight For CLT Council Support On ICE

CHARLOTTE, NC — Two sides of the immigration debate are fighting for city council support.

One side wants Council to take a stand against increased ICE detainment. The other side says force the sheriff to allow ICE agents back in the jail.

“We would like our laws to be enforced and ICE stay in business,” said Diana Bell.

“I wish there was an easy route to come here lawfully because I guarantee everybody would do it, but it’s not that simple,” said Jennifer Trujillo.

Immigration is a federal issue, but it has become a topic at Charlotte City Council meetings since ICE announced hundreds of arrests in February and promised more. ICE blames the increased street patrols on sheriffs like Mecklenburg County’s Garry McFadden who got rid of the 287(g) program. That program allowed ICE to take custody of inmates who had no citizenship.

To see that report, click here.

“The sheriff’s elimination of the 287(g) program made no safety sense at all and now we are dealing with the fallout,” said Bell.

“Families separated after having their lives established for over 20 plus years here,” said Trujillo.

ICE warns it will deport migrants who don’t have documentation who have not committed a crime if they encounter an officer on patrol. ICE wants the sheriff to reinstate 287(g). However, Sheriff

McFadden says he won’t fold to what he calls fear mongering. To see that report, click here.

Both sides told council ICE affects families but in different ways.

“As a woman and mom of two girls, I want ICE removing those people from our streets,” said Destiny Edwards.

“Raids disrupt a child’s ability to live in a safe stable and nurturing relationship,” said Banu Valladares.

People park of the migrant community want Council to denounce ICE. The mayor acknowledged Monday that this is a complicated issue that needs much thought.