Woman Killed in Crossfire in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A sea of yellow tape, and waves of grief. 27-year-old Kendal Crank, shot as she drove down 28th Street in north Charlotte in rush hour traffic. Crank’s red car rolled to a stop on the other side of the street, near North Tryon. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Major Mike Campagna says, “Unfortunately they (first responders) were unable to save her life.”

Her death, police say, because she got caught in the crossfire of a gun fight between two groups Thursday around 5:15p. Their shell casings, now littered across the pavement. Campagna says, “We don’t think that she was a part of that.”

As word spread, the people who loved her showed up to the crime scene. Their anguish and shock and confusion, palpable. “It’s too much,” says Anthony Morgan. He says he was in a nearby store when the gunfight started. “All of a sudden we had to smash the ground. Pop. Pop. Pop,” he says.

Now, the search for Crank’s killers. Crime scene investigators, taking pictures, talking to witnesses, trying to find out who knows what. Police say they have a description of the shooters, but so far, aren’t sharing.

About 20 minutes after the shooting, a man with a gunshot wound to his arm walked into CMC Main. Detectives are looking into whether he is connected to this shooting. If you have information that can help, call 704-334-1600.