Teacher Claims She Was Fired For A Topless Selfie She Sent To Her Boyfriend

A teacher says she lost her job because of a topless selfie she sent her boyfriend years ago. Now she wants her job back and is threatening her former school district with a $3-million lawsuit.

25-year-old Lauren Miranda says she was fired from her job as middle school teacher in Long Island, New York last week. The school district says a student somehow got hold of Miranda’s topless selfie.

She admits to taking the picture 2 years ago and sending it to her boyfriend at the time, who was a teacher at another school.

Miranda and her attorney says they don’t know how the student got the picture, but they say a man wouldn’t be held to the same scrutiny, so they are suing for gender discrimination.

Miranda says she will drop her lawsuit if she is rehired, but she says her former superintendent told her that isn’t going to happen.