Is It Ok To Reuse An Engagement Ring?

A bride-to-be says her boyfriend wants to propose with the custom ring he bought for his ex-girlfriend.
The woman lives in Singapore.
She turned to the website Reddit to get advice after her boyfriend asked whether she’d be okay with an old ring.
He bought it three years ago, but his previous relationship ended before he proposed.

The woman says she doesn’t know how much the ring is worth, but her boyfriend claims it cost a small fortune.
He says he wouldn’t get much for selling it and this way the money doesn’t go to waste.

The woman wrote in her post:
‘I do see the practicality of it. He already has a ring anyway, and it’ll go to waste if he doesn’t use it.
We could save the money for the new ring and use it on other more important things like our house instead.
However, something in my heart just can’t get over the fact that the ring was originally made for someone else in mind.
He assured me that she never wore it, but I just don’t want something that wasn’t made for me.’