If Your Password Is Blink182, It Might Be Time To Change It

If you like using band names for internet passwords, you might want to pick something more obscure than Blink 182.
The group was big in the ’90s and is apparently still popular with people looking for an easy to remember password.
A new study from the UK’s National Cyber Security Center just revealed the world’s most easily hacked passwords.
Researchers analyzed passwords from accounts across the globe that had previously been breached.
The top 10 consisted of old standbys like the actual word ‘password’ or a combination of numbers like 1-2-3-4-5-6.

But the study also found sports teams and band names are popular passwords too.
Blink 182 was the most popular musical artist…
Superman was the most common fictional character.
Cowboys1, as in the Dallas Cowboys, was the most popular NFL team nickname.
The most popular first names were Michael and Ashley.
Meanwhile, ‘Iloveyou’ narrowly missed the top 10.