Jennifer Garner Offers Advice To Her Teenage Self

Jennifer Garner is having a good week.
She’s lighting up the cover of People Magazine’s annual Beautiful Issue.
The 47-year-old mom of three says she was surprised by the honor.
She told the magazine that she was “never told” she was pretty when she was growing up and she didn’t think of herself that way.

It has also been 15 years since Garner’s movie ’13 Going On 30′ hit theaters.
She celebrated the anniversary the film’s release yesterday.
Garner posted a clip to Instagram and expressed her delight in being, “part of something that, all of these years later, can still make people smile”.

In honor of both occasions, People Magazine asked Garner what advice she would give her 13-year-old self.

“There is nothing more important, no man, no relationship than your girlfriends,” Garner said. “Find your girlfriends, find your tribe, you take care of them, you treat them with the love and respect they deserve, insist on the same back for yourself.”

Garner also says she would tell her younger self to spend more time around little kids, to make working out a daily habit and to chase her dreams, but don’t be surprised if something changes.