Could Weighing Airline Passengers Help Cut Carbon Emissions?

If you fly often, then you are probably used to weighing your bags before take-off, but how do you feel about stepping on the scale yourself?

British tech company Fuel Matrix says airlines should start weighing their passengers to save on jet fuel.
It would cut costs and cut carbon emissions.

Most airlines currently estimate how much weight they are carrying; the heavier the plane, the more fuel it will take to reach their destination.
The CEO of Fuel Matrix is suggesting that airlines discreetly weigh passengers as they pass through security check points or have passengers step on pressure pads when they check in their luggage.

The concept of weighing passengers isn’t totally new.
An airline in Finland started doing it in 2017, but it was voluntary, and an airline in Uzbekistan started doing it in 2015 to ‘ensure flight safety.’