Maluma Faces Backlash For Kissing Mom On The Mouth

Colombian singer and rapper Maluma is gaining more fans in the United States from his hit collaboration with Madonna.
He’s featured on her new track ‘Medellin.’
But now Maluma is brushing off backlash for kissing his mom on the mouth.
He posted a picture on Mother’s Day, showing him planting a big smooch, square on his mom’s lips.
That caught some fans online off guard.
Some called it weird and questioned if the display of affection was ‘normal.’
Others tweeted the kiss looked way too passionate.

But the Columbian star’s team told People Magazine the gesture is a ‘cultural thing’ and is no big deal.
Maluma’s rep said, “It’s normal in Latin culture, especially if you are the only son or baby of the house. It is affection and a form of respect. He is open about who he is and his cultural values. This is just part of it.”