NFL Player Turns to Twitter to Help Find Mystery Woman

Baltimore Ravens tight end Hayden Hurst was on a flight from Jacksonville, Florida to Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday night when he spotted a beautiful woman.
But she apparently got off the plane to quickly for Hurst to ask her number.
So the NFL player turned to social media, tweeting: ‘To the gorgeous tall brunette on my flight to Baltimore. You walk incredibly fast and I couldn’t catch up but here’s hoping you have Twitter #theonethatgotaway’

Some praised his effort.
One person tweeted: ‘Now this is how you’re supposed to shoot your shot.’
Others shaded the NFL player for not being fast enough to catch up with the woman and even questioned if the Ravens made a mistake signing him.

Hurst explained he was distracted from his pursuit by a fan who stopped and asked for a picture…
The fan even shared the photo they took together as proof, tweeting: ‘My fault Hayden. I let you down, but still no regrets!’

There is still no word whether or not the mystery woman has seen or responded to Hayden Hurst’s tweet.