Tiffany Haddish Says She Recorded Casting Directors After Auditions

Do you wonder what people say about you after you leave the room?
Tiffany Haddish does and she just revealed her sneaky secret to electronic eavesdropping.
She is one of several women featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s new ‘Queens Of Comedy’ issue.
Haddish sat down for an actress roundtable ahead of the issue’s release and revealed how she would secretly record her casting directors.
The comedian says instead of turning her phone off, she would start recording a voice memo.
She would then put her phone in her purse and conveniently forget both after the audition, leaving the phone recording after she left the room.
“Then I’d come back and be like, ‘Oh, I forgot my purse,'” Haddish says.
She claims she would listen to the recording and hear comments like: ‘She is not as urban as I thought she’d be’ or ‘she is so ghetto.’

Haddish says her eavesdropping helped her learn and grow as an actress.
It also gave her material for jokes.