Woman Shames Her Husband For Using Her Razor

Some couples share everything, but one woman is ordering her husband to stay away from her razor after he keeps borrowing it to shave his legs.

The woman, who lives in Australia, turned to a parenting website called KidSpot.com to complain about her husband’s new habit.
She says it started when she was away for the weekend.
She explained that her husband thinks shaving will make him a better cyclist, which is his hobby, but she’s not convinced it will give him a physical edge.
“He has no need to be shaving off milliseconds from his Saturday morning ride time with a newfound penchant for personal grooming,” the woman wrote.
“There are a few simple things in life I take for granted that I shouldn’t have to share with my husband. That glorious feeling when you take off your heels and your foot hits ground level. The sheer dexterity of taking off your bra at the end of a long day without removing your top. The satisfaction of peeling your nail polish off in one unbroken sheet.
And oh, you know… my [expletive] razor.”