People Are Snapping Selfies At Chernobyl

People are flocking to snap selfies at Chernobyl and other dark destinations.

The nuclear disaster site is becoming a major tourist attraction thanks to a new HBO miniseries.
The show’s creator is now asking people to be more respectful when visiting Chernobyl, which was deemed safe for visitors back in 2013; the catastrophic nuclear accident happened in April 1986.

Instagram users are now turning the disaster zone into a hot spot for selfies…
Several influencers are being called out for striking provocative poses at the abandoned nuclear plant and in near-by ghost towns.
A search for #Chernobyl turns up lots of results from everyday sightseers who have visited the site.

It’s part of a new trend called dark tourism.
The movement has even inspired a documentary series on Netflix.
People are choosing to spend their vacations exploring the sites of famous disasters or dangerous places like prisons.
Some tourists are even traveling to war zones.

But, taking selfies at the sites of tragedies isn’t new.
The Auschwitz Memorial recently started asking visitors to stop posing on the railroad tracks near the former concentration camp.
You may also remember a woman was called out for posting a selfie from the memorial with a smiley face emoji back in 2014.