Lots Of Women Say Dad Bods Are The New Six Pack

Guys can stop sucking in their gut; lots of women now say dad bods are the new six-pack.

Gym chain Planet Fitness which surveyed more than 2,000 people and found that more men and women now accept dad bods than ever before.
While there is no official definition for a “dad bod,” the study describes it as somewhere between buff and the Pillsbury Doughboy and 23 million men in the United States now say they fall into that category.
79% of those men say they are happy with their dad bod.
72% say their dad bod has somehow improved their life.
Almost half of the men surveyed say having a dad bod boosted their self-esteem.

Meanwhile, more women now say they are attracted to men with dad bods.
70% say they find them sexier than men with washboard abs and 78% think men with dad bods seem more confident.