Up To 33% Of Women Admit To Dating For A Free Meal

It is a first of its kind study into women who go on dates, not looking for romance, but for a free meal.
Researchers are naming it the ‘Foodie Call’ and around a third of the women who took an online survey admit to doing it.
Nearly 700 women were asked, “Have you ever agreed to date someone, who you were not interested in a relationship with, because he might pay for your meal?”
The results were published Friday in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.
The majority of women found the idea unacceptable, but 33% of women were more likely to go on a ‘Foodie Call’ and be okay with it.
They were also more likely to have personality traits linked to narcissism or deceptive behavior.
A link was also found with women who believed in traditional gender roles, like the idea that the man always pays for the first date.