Cam Newton Couldn’t Convince Airline Passenger To Switch Seats For $1500

Cam Newton couldn’t convince someone to switch seats on a plane, even after offering him $1,500.
The Carolina Panthers quarterback seemed pretty desperate for some extra leg room.
He tried to pay his way into an instant seat upgrade on a flight from Paris last week.
Another passenger recorded video of Cam reportedly offering to pay a man to switch seats and the guy said no.
Cam appears to try an negotiate, with no luck, before walking back to his seat with an agitated smile on his face.
The 6-foot-5 quarterback reportedly booked a business class seat for the 10-hour trip back to Charlotte, but missed his original flight.
The only way he could fly back that day was in an economy seat with no extra leg room.
Cam hasn’t commented and we haven’t learned the identity of the mystery passenger who turned down his offer.