Instagram Influencer Accused Of Staging ‘Surprise’ Marriage Proposal

It seemed like a real-life fairy tale, but now it appears an Instagram influencer’s surprise marriage proposal was staged and possibly sponsored.
Marissa Fuchs is a popular fashion blogger, who has gained more than 50,000 new followers in the last week, after her boyfriend popped the question in the most extra way imaginable.

It all started with a video he posted on her account, saying the proposal needed to incorporate everything that is important to Marissa: love, adventure, travel, fashion, friends and family.
He then sent Marissa on a globe-trotting scavenger hunt, flying her from New York City to The Hamptons, and then Miami, before jetting off to Paris.
Marissa documented the entire trip on Instagram and appeared to be surprised at every stop, but now some are questioning whether or not the entire thing was staged after it was revealed the surprise adventure was pitched to brands months before it began.
A 13-page document leaked online detailed every aspect of the surprise proposal and asked companies to sponsor the trip for mentions on Marissa’s Instagram page.
Yet, the couple maintains that the proposal itself was a surprise.