UNC Charlotte Shooting Survivor Drew Pescaro Talks About Recovery

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A survivor of the UNC Charlotte shooting is talking about his recovery.

Drew Pescaro threw out the first pitch at the Charlotte Knights game on Sunday.

After facing physical challenges, Drew says he’s now addressing the mental aspect.

“It’s just been working on the mental side of it. You know, it’s a day-by-day thing, but you’re not going to recover if you don’t speak up about it, so it’s been a big goal of mine to be very open about that,” Pescaro says.

Pescaro got cheers after throwing out the first pitch.

“It was amazing. You know I’ve gotten all the support from the Charlotte community on social media and hearing about it on the news and stuff like that, but like to actually be here and feel it in person it was amazing,” he says.

The Knights are also auctioning off game-worn, autographed hats as part of the game. The auction will run until July 9th.

The money raised will go toward “Niner Nation Unites.”

That fund is helping support the needs of the victims and their families.

“The young man’s gone through a lot of hurt over the last couple of months. We’re thankful that he’s doing well,” says Dan Rajkowski, with the Charlotte Knights.