Do You Want A Women’s Soccer Team In Charlotte?

The U.S. women’s national soccer team is back in America.
Fans greeted them at the Newark airport in New Jersey Monday, just a day after they won their 4th World Cup.
Up next is a good old-fashioned ticker tape parade in New York City on Wednesday, where they will also get the key to the city.
But the team is also using its new-found fame to continue demanding the same pay as male players, who earn significantly more.

“We understand what kind of stage we’re on, we’re very aware of the attention that we have, the platform that we have,” team captain Megan Rapinoe told reporters after the team landed back in the United States on Monday. Forward Alex Morgan added, “I think it’s so evident more today than ever that we do need to use our voice for what we believe in.” Rapinoe and Morgan, along with teammates Becky Sauerbrunn and Carli Lloyd, filed a lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation back in March, claiming they deserve to be paid what the American men are paid for international performances.

Some experts say the pay gap has a lot to do with television coverage, which tends to go to men’s sports, but ESPN just inked a deal to broadcast more women’s pro soccer next year.

Meanwhile, Charlotte could take another step towards getting its own professional soccer team on Tuesday.
There will be an announcement at Bank of America stadium about “the growth of soccer in the Queen City.”
Billionaire Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper has talked about his interest in bidding for an MLS team and Panthers president Tom Glick has experience launching a MLS team.