Study: Giving Up Alcohol Boosts Women’s Mental Health

Science now says taking a break from booze may actually be more relaxing than a nightly cocktail or glass of wine.
Researchers at the University of Hong Kong studied the drinking habits and mental health of more than 40-thousand people over several years.
Some were moderate drinkers, while others never touched a drop of alcohol.
The researchers found that women who quit drinking altogether saw their mental-health improve to nearly the same levels as people who never drank at all.
They were more calm and less irritable.
It’s not clear why, but men who quit drinking didn’t see the same improvement.

Taking a break from booze is now a trendy thing to do.
The ‘sober curious’ movement has really taken off in the last year.
There are booze-free bars like Listen in New York City, which serves high-end mocktails and trendy juice drinks.
A new company called Daybreaker throws dry dance parties and is planning one here in Charlotte.

People who are ‘sober curious’ usually aren’t addicts, but instead say they want to see what a life without alcohol is like.