Mom Rants Against Childless Millennials At Disney World

Disney World is known as the ‘happiest place on Earth,’ but one mom now says the theme park is being ruined by millennials without children.
Her anonymous rant against ‘childless’ couples is blowing up on social media.
The mom seems to have been set off by a long line at a pretzel stand, where her 3-year old cried after seeing a woman getting something to eat before him.
The woman’s post reads: ‘Disney World is a family amusement park, yet these immature millennials throw away their money on crap.’
She also writes: ‘You have no idea what it is like to stand in line for three hours with a cranky, tired, exhausted toddler.’
She goes on to say, ‘mothers with children should be allowed to skip all the lines’ and ‘people without children need to be banned’ from the theme park.

Meanwhile: Disney World is doing more to attract young adults.
Just last year, the park ended its strict alcohol-free policy and added cocktails in all its restaurants.
The park also added more night-life offering like bars and dance clubs.
And for good reason: a recent survey found at least three-quarters of millennials without kids say they plan to visit a theme park this year.