Neighbors Angry About Pink Emoji House

A hot pink house has neighbors seeing red.

Frustrated neighbors in Manhattan Beach raised their concerns at a City Council meeting Tuesday night.
The home’s owner had it painted with pink with two large emojis after someone complained about her renting the house out on Airbnb, which isn’t allowed in Manhattan Beach.
The homeowner denies trying to get revenge and says she wanted to make people smile.
Neighbors complained, but city officials say they can’t do much about it, because the paint job doesn’t break any laws.
Dina Doll lives in the area and told a local news station, “I was just so surprised that somebody would do that to their neighbors and I was even more surprised that she lives in Manhattan beach too so she’s really doing it to the entire city of Manhattan Beach the entire community.”

Neighbors say the house is quickly becoming a tourist attraction, bringing more traffic and unwanted visitors.
They are also worried about their property values.
The average home price in Manhattan Beach is more than $2.4 million.