Most Americans Do Chores Incorrectly On Purpose

If you avoid housework like the plague, you aren’t alone.
Most Americans have a go-to excuse to get out of doing chores.
That’s according to a new poll from Yelp!
It found that we spend an average of 13 hours a week working around the house, but men spend more time avoiding chores than women do.
In fact: 66% of men would rather pay someone to do the work.

Meanwhile, lots of people will do more than spend money to get out of chores; the survey found most Americans have a few tricks up their sleeves.
The majority say they have pretended to be sick to get out of house work.
People also lie about needing to complete an assignment for their real job and more than two-thirds admitted to purposely doing a bad job, so they wouldn’t be asked to do the chore again.