Nearly 2000 People Expected to Join “Stop the Violence” Charity Ride

CHARLOTTE, NC – Turning grief into action. A Charlotte father is working to spread the message of “stop the violence” following the shooting death of his son last week.

Michael Smith is prepping his bike for the weekend ride. He has been helping organize the “stop the violence” charity ride and fundraiser for the last few months.

“Giving back, making a positive impact, doing something positive, doing something good to unite the community,” said Smith.

Then, last week, tragedy.

“It’s been, hell,” said Smith.

Smith’s 23-year-old son Sam Stitt, was shot and killed while he was visiting his two-year-old son. The shooting happened inside a North Charlotte apartment.

“I’ve experienced emotions that I’ve never experienced so I don’t even know how to label them,” said Smith.

There have been 72 homicides in the city so far this year. Smith is now channeling his emotions into a calling.

“We should not live in this type of society that we can’t keep up with this,” said Smtih, “this is not the type of society that we need to live in.”

“We’re going to ride through the city of Charlotte spreading the words of stop the violence throughout our city,” said Will Adams with Team True Blue.

Adams is coordinating the nearly 2000 person-Stop the Violence ride and community event this weekend.

“This is actually a day of peace, hope, and love back into the Charlotte community,” said Adams.

The Charity ride begins at Frans Boys & Girls Club on 2600 W Trade Street at 11:30. The ride ends at Freedom Park where there will be food, music, and games from 3 pm until 7 pm.