Charlotte Community Offers Help As Dorian Inches Closer To Coastal Counties

CHARLOTTE, NC. — More evacuees are coming to our area to ride out Hurricane Dorian.

With his kids and wife, Dennis Wheeler packed up everything he could into his RV. The Wheelers drove from their home in Mount Pleasant, SC to the Charlotte-Motor Speedway Campground Tuesday morning. South Carolina’s Governor ordered hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate eight coastal counties ahead of Dorian.

“I think the worry, of course, is flooding. We did everything we could yesterday to take all the equipment off the porches. Tie the doors down, do everything we could,” says Wheeler.

More than 60 Hurricane Dorian evacuees are at the Speedway’s Campgrounds. 29 others have made reservations.

At Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, many flights going to and from parts of Florida and South Carolina have been canceled. Some airlines already offering waivers.

“Just got to make sure I’m flexible because there’s I’m sure, going to be a lot of changes from a flight standpoint. Just make sure I’ve got plenty of options,” says traveler Mike Alkire.

About 450 Duke Energy line workers, damage assessors and support personnel will leave Charlotte on Wednesday and head to Florence, South Carolina. Duke says 9,000 workers will be available to help.

“Right now we’re readying our crews, mobilizing some crews from some other states as far away as Canada,” says Tim Pettit with Duke Energy.