Poison Control Doctors Issue Warning About E-Cigarettes

CHARLOTTE, NC – There are growing concerns from medical professionals and politicians across the country about vaping and the impact of E-Cigarettes on youth.

Several states including Illinois, New York, and California have tightened regulations or issued a ban on the products. While in North Carolina, Health officials are speaking about the potential dangers.

“Vaping, for now, we really recommend avoidance at all costs,” said Dr. Jaspel Singh with Atrium Health.

“There might be some additional additives, some additional concerns,” continued Singh.

North Carolina Poison Control says so far in 2019, it has handled 150 E-Cigarette related cases. Children under the age of five made up half of those patients.

“We may have been lulled a little bit in the medical community to think this might be safer,” said Singh.

Doctors don’t know exactly what’s causing the increase in medical cases, but say the products may be spiked with drugs that cause a reaction. They say Nicotine is also dangerous to children.

“A lot of the patients who have subsequently developed a severe lung injury had repeated episodes of bronchitis or asthma and not recognized that this might be related to their vaping usage,” said Singh.

CMS banned vaping and E=Cigarettes in June when the board updated it’s smoking policy.

North Carolina’s Attorney General Josh Stein, has sued nine vape manufacturers since May, saying they market their flavored products to children.

“Advertising for vaping devices, they are geared towards children,” said Dr. Shamieka Virella Dixon, “mango flavor, bubble gum flavor, fruit punch, all geared towards children.”

Six people in the United States have died from lung disease possibly linked to vaping. The Trump Administration is working to ban flavored E-Cigarettes.