Outrage Over A New Mister Rogers Halloween Costume

It seems nothing is sacred when it comes to adult Halloween costumes.
A sexy Mister Rogers outfit is now available on-line.
The “Nicest Neighbor” costume costs $60 and comes with a tight red v-neck sweater, a detached collar and tie, and high-waist gray shorts.
Optional accessories include a silver wig and a pair of hand puppets.
A lot of people on-line are expressing outrage over the costume, saying the beloved children’s TV host and minister shouldn’t be sexualized.

The costume was created by a company called Yandy, which seems to make headlines with a new controversial costume every year.
Yandy introduced a skimpy outfit based on the clothing worn on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ last Halloween, but the company pulled the costume after people on social media protested.
In 2017, they sold a sexy Kylie Jenner costume, complete with a baby bump, because Kylie was pregnant at the time.
Yandy also sold a Ken Bone costume, based on the undecided voter who caught attention during the 2016 presidential debate and Cecil The Lion costume, inspired by the animal infamously killed by an American dentist in 2015.