Couple Keeps Horse Outside Of NYC Home

A couple in New York City has a horse.
They keep it in their driveway and even ride it around in the neighborhood.
The horse is named Morgi.
Until recently, it lived at a stable in New Jersey, but then the couple says they learned that in New York City, it’s perfectly legal to have a horse at home.
“They said yes it’s completely fine to have a horse,” says Abdul Elanani. “I’m like that’s it. This horse is coming here.”

Elanani’s wife Ayat says they were nervous to ride the Morgi on the street, fearing that she would be spooked by cars, but that isn’t the case.
“She’s really taken well to the city vibe,” says Ayat Masoud.

The couple also bought a goat to keep the horse company.
That, however, is not permitted, so they will have to find the goat a new home.

But their neighbors aren’t happy about the livestock next door.
They filed three complaints with the city because of the smell of manure, which the couple admits can be bad in the summer.