NC Group Wants Sex Offenders Allowed At State Fair

A North Carolina group is calling on officials to let registered sex offenders attend the NC State Fair in Raleigh.
A law passed in 2016 bans sex offenders from places where minors frequently gather like public pools, amusement parks and fairs.
Yet the group North Carolinians For Rational Sexual Offense Laws says registered sex offenders have paid their debt to society and they want the Wake County sheriff to essentially ignore the law.

Sex offenders’ rights activist Robin Vander says, “People concerned about the safety of their children really ought to be more concerned about people who are at the state fair with no record at all. Because 95% of sex crimes that will be committed today will be committed by people who have no record.”

Vander’s group has filed lawsuits to change the law and their case is currently before a district judge.