Mom Terrifies Her Kids With Fake Tongue Prank

People are now slamming a mother from New York State after her terrifying prank brought her kids to tears.

Renae Johnson’s children came home from school to find her laying on the kitchen floor, with a pair of scissors poking through the center of her tongue.
In the video, she moans in pain and writes a message on a piece of paper to try to communicate.
Johnson says she got the idea when she saw a fake tongue for sale online, and she explained her plan on social media.

“Saw this on Facebook and I figured when the kids got off the bus, I’m gonna be lying on the floor and see their reaction,” Johnson said.

Her kids didn’t think it was so funny.
They started to shriek in panic and desperately tried to help.
That’s when Johnson let them in on the joke.

The video is getting mixed reactions after going viral.
One person commented: “That stupid prank just traumatized your kids.”
While others thought the prank was hilarious; one even wrote: ‘Wish I had a mom like that!’