Halloween a Success Whether Celebrated Inside or Out

CHARLOTTE, NC – Despite the severe weather forecast for Thursday night, many people were determined to celebrate Halloween.

“We’re really glad to be able to experience this first Halloween with her in this neighborhood,” said Sydney Razmyar of Elizabeth.

She and her family passed out candy and went door to door before the dark clouds rolled in.

“We’re trying to beat the weather today,” said Razmyar. “Hopefully we can get some candy before it starts pouring out.”

Folks in Pineville also braved the elements, trick-or-treating shortly after the storms pushed through.

“I’m so excited that the rain quit long enough for us to go trick-or-treating,” said Karen Murray.

While kids dressed as superheros and monsters got wet in Elizabeth, some people opted to stay dry at Northlake Mall.

“First year here and the crowds are amazing,” said Alicia Seifer.

Inside the mall, there were children dressed as baby sharks and Paw Patrol characters, along with families dressed in matching outfits.

“We drove from the SouthPark area to trick-or-treat and stay dry,” said Seifer.

Fun was had, candy passed out, Halloween a success, whether inside or out.