Brewers Artfully Craft Catchy and Creative Beer Names

CHARLOTTE, NC – Coming up with a clever beer name is getting more and more difficult by the day for brewers in North Carolina. Last year alone, the North Carolina ABC Commission approved more than 12,000 new alcoholic beverage product names.

It means you could see more and more off the wall names the next time you hit up your favorite watering hole.

Jeff Bowman is the Head Brewer at Birdsong Brewing.

“We’re fairly creative in what we come up as far as beer styles,” said Bowman.

They’ve also come up with creative names.

“Jalapeno, Rewind, Friends in Low Places, Haze-ology, Mexicali Stout, Wake Up, Rich Girl,” said Bowman.

Bowman and some of the other brewers come up with each name. The beer is paired with a song.

“Something that people want to say and people want to order,” said Bowman, “that’s a big one for me.”

“Before any of these beers can be christened with a clever name, owners must send $10 to the state ABC Commission to get their stamp of approval. That process can take five to seven weeks if everything goes smoothly.

The State ABC Commission says names can’t be vulger, include nudity, be misleading, infringe on copyright, or market to children.

Last year, 1,255 beer products were approved just in Charlotte, seven were rejected.

Names like Russian Roulette, Daddy Needs His Juice, and Cannasutra

“We’ve been rejected a lot for the simplest stuff,” said Brad Shell, the owner of Unknown Brewing Company.

He’s been known to push the limit from time to time when it comes to naming his beers.

“Kitten Snuggles was always a fun label that we had,” said Shell.

He says coming up with new names is getting harder and harder. With thousands of applications sent to the state for approval each year, it leaves fewer and fewer words to choose from.

“I’m going to just start using dots and circles,” said Shell.

With about 30 breweries in Charlotte and no signs of slowing down, consumers can expect to see more “off the wall” names coming soon.

“It’s the wild wild west for craft beer. And its a great time for the craft beer drinker and the craft beer brewery,” said Shell.