Concerns Of Slick Roads In Mountain Counties

BOONE, NC. — There are concerns of slick roads as the mountain counties brace for frigid temps Monday night. Dozens of North Carolina DOT crews are working around the clock to treat the roads.

State DOT says a big concern is black ice. Crews spread more than 100 tons of salt on roads in Ashe, Watauga and Avery Counties as of Monday morning. Dozens of DOT crews will continue to work overnight in 12-hour shifts.

“I actually don’t mind the snow is much is the freezing rain and the black ice is a problem. Especially when you’re driving at night.” says driver Aubrey Spurlock.

“A lot of other people that aren’t used to being up here and specifically up here in the snow. Worried about them,” says Banner Elk Resident Gabriel Giuringano.

A DOT spokesperson tells WCCB the primary roads are clear, and the secondaries have a few spotty patches with snow and ice. Their message for drivers: slow down. Especially for the morning commute and areas that are shaded and more prone to ice.