NC Voter ID Law Temporarily On Hold

CHARLOTTE, NC -North Carolina’s controversial voter ID law is temporarily on hold after a federal judge granted an injunction on Friday.

“When we fight, when we vote, when we stand up together, we win,” said Rev. Dr. T Anthony Spearman.

He is the President of the North Carolina NAACP. He told reporters today that the judge’s decision was a win for democracy.

“This is a long fought for victory against voter suppression and for equal access to the ballot in this state,” said Spearman.

The state’s voter ID law is now on hold, which means you won’t need to show ID in the presidential primary this spring, pending a possible appeal.

“Voters will not be subject to a new discriminatory photo id requirement to vote in the March 2020 primaries,” said Spearman.

In a statement, the North Carolina GOP said:

“This preliminary injunction is yet another example of judges legislating from the bench…” the statement continues, “this action… will invalidate the votes of millions of North Carolinians who voted to overwhelmingly implement voter ID.”

In 2018, voters in the state approved a constitutional amendment to require ID to vote. 55% in favor.

It’s been a back and forth battle to pass the law. After being vetoed by Governor Roy Cooper, the statehouse overrode his decision making it law. But now, supporters of the law have lost the initial legal challenge.

“It is our voice and our vote that will set the direction of this country and the terms of the future our children inherit,” said Spearman during his remarks.

The decision to appeal falls on the state’s Attorney General, Josh Stein (D).