UNC Charlotte to Add Lock Down Kits to Classrooms

CHARLOTTE, NC – UNC Charlotte leaders are adding lockdown kits to campus rooms that can’t be locked from the inside.

The additional layer of security comes months after the April 30th campus tragedy. Two students were killed and several others hurt when a gunman opened fire inside of a classroom.

In the months following the attack, school staff, security experts and campus police have worked on ways to improve safety and do what they can to prevent another tragedy.

“You rather be safe than sorry,” said Micheala Brewer and UNC Charlotte student.

On Thursday, students were sent an email regarding a new kit they’ll be seeing in nearly every classroom.

The kit includes a doorstop for doors that open inward and a piece of cut firehouse to place over the swing arm for doors that open outward.

UNC Charlotte has invested $14,000 dollars on the kits so far. We’re told the kits are a short term solution while the school investigates a long term solution.

“I feel pretty safe,” said student Tiona Wilson, “I think that it is important to take precautionary measures so that we can continue to feel this safety on campus.”

She and others say they’re encouraged by the school’s efforts to improve public safety on campus. And say they understand there is only so much that can be done.

“We live in a world where things are going to happen and so as we continue to progress forward, I think the school is showing us that they care about our safety,” said Wilson.