Staying Weather Wise During Tornado Watches & Warnings

NASHVILLE, TN — Communities in Tennessee are trying to rebuild, and rescuers are searching for survivors after what the National Weather Service is calling the deadliest tornado day in seven years. Tornadoes ripped through Nashville and surrounding areas just after midnight Tuesday, killing at least 24 people. The governor of Tennessee has declared a state of emergency. President Donald Trump plans to survey the damage on Friday.

March is early for severe weather and the Carolinas only face a slight risk of tornadoes this time of year, but this disaster is a reminder severe weather can happen anywhere, anytime of the year.

Nocturnal tornadoes – tornadoes that happen at night – are particularly dangerous because people are usually sleeping when they pass through, and homes may not be as safe as workplaces. 27% of all tornadoes happen at night, but nocturnal tornadoes account for 39% of all tornado deaths. Residents in Tennessee got an alert about a possible tornado but it was only a few hours before the twisters struck, when many people may have already been in bed.

With less people working outside, sirens are less common. But you can stay weather wise anytime with a weather radio or the WCCB COIT WeatherWise App. WCCB Charlotte’s new app will alert you whenever there is severe weather in the area so you can keep you and your family safe.