Cleaning Companies Offer Disinfectant Tips

CHARLOTTE, NC – People are cleaning their homes, work spaces, and everything else they come into contact with to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Cleaning companines are cauttioning people about the proper way to disinfect.

Rick Douglas is the owner of Minit Maids in Charlotte. He says the first thing people need to know is whether they’re using a proper disinfectant and then read the fine print.

In order to kill most viruses, most disinfectants need to keep a surface wet for four minutes. Some only need 15 seconds.

“You just have to keep it wet. Sometimes you have to come back before it evaporates. So you want to make sure you use a wet one,” said Douglas.

As proper cleaning remains top of mind for many, Douglas says some people just don’t want others coming into their homes right now and its impacting his business.

“I’d say 30% are skipping for right now,” said Douglas, “they’re waiting for the next two week schedule to say lets see how it looks.”

He says right now they’re doing what they can to keep everyone employed. And some customers are willing to help.

“They have said you know what, i want to pay for it. Don’t come this week, but I want to pay for it,” said Douglas, “that’s really moving. I just didn’t expect that.”