Hickory Manufacturer Producing Medical Gowns For Healthcare Providers Nationwide

CHARLOTTE, NC – A Hickory manufacturer is meeting a specific need for healthcare providers nationwide. 

On a typical day, employees at HSM Solutions would be making parts for mattresses, school bus seats, or even pool noodles. 

But on Wednesday, the product being put together was protective gowns.  

“The early call for us was to get gowns to them because we had the ability to do that and do that in short fashion,” said Michael Hinshaw. 

He’s the COO of HSM Solutions. The Hickory based company now operates in 14 states. They’ve distributed more than 40,000 gowns so far. 

“We view this as an opportunity to jump in the fight,” said Hinshaw. 

With 80 sewers already on staff, Hinshaw says they have the people and technology to respond.  

“We have something called sonic welding which allows you to stitch without a thread. We were well-positioned to immediately respond to the needs of health care providers in our region,” said Hinshaw.

“The supply chain delays are continuing,” said Mike Sprayberry. The North Carolina Director of Emergency Management. 

It couldn’t have come at a better time. North Carolina officials continue to try and source PPE. Governor Roy Cooper is requesting more funding for supplies. 

“Gowns continue to be the item in shortest supply and that seems to be an issue nationwide,” said Sprayberry. 

HSM Solutions continues to pump out the needed gear. 

“To the extent we can, we want to serve the best we can,” said Hinshaw. 

HSM is expanding the effort too. They are actively hiring sewers and bringing additional equipment online to meet the need.