Edge On The Clock: Oscars To Allow Films First Available On Streaming Platforms Eligible For Best Pic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – For the first time ever, and for this one time only, the Oscars will allow films that were initially made available through streaming platforms, eligible to compete for Best Picture. But only the films with a previously planned theatrical release date are eligible. Usually movies have to run in theaters for at least one week to be considered, that couldn’t happen this year because COVID-19 forced theaters to close.

Plus, the Italian island of Sicily wants you. The island is offering to pay for half of your flight costs, a third of your hotel expenses, and give you free tickets to museums and more if you book a trip there, after the coronavirus crisis.

And, Coors knows beer isn’t gonna fix anything right now, but they say history has proven that alcoholic libations sooth the soul. To that end, they’ve launched new campaign on twitter with #CouldUseABeer.