Care19 App Allows Health Officials To Contact Trace Coronavirus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Contact tracing is the process of tracking down anyone who might have been infected by a person who was recently diagnosed with coronavirus, so they can quarantine themselves and prevent further spread. And now, there’s an app for that. Health officials in North Dakota have partnered with an app creator to launch “Care19.” If you download Care19, you’ll get a random ID number that the North Dakoka Coronavirus Response website will use to cache your location throughout the day. If you test positive for coronavirus, the state says users will be asked if they consent to provide their information to health officials, which can help with contact tracing and forecasting the pandemic’s progression.

Apple and Google are developing similar technology. Critics point out that users have to opt-in, as well as the fact that people without smartphones will not get the notifications. Researchers say the US can’t safely re-open without significant amounts of contact tracing and testing.

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