Rare Disease Impacting Children and Possibly Related to COVID-19 Reported in Mecklenburg County

CHARLOTTE, NC –  Mecklenburg county reporting a possible first case of a rare illness that is showing up in children and may be related to COVID-19.

“At this point we’re a little more vigilant and looking for that,” said Dr. Amina Ahmed, a pediatrician at Atrium Health. 

“We’re seeing that children are not affected in the way that adults have been affected,” continued Ahmed. 

She says overall, children are experiencing much milder symptoms. 

Atrium has tested about 2000 kids under the age of 18. Eighty of them have tested positive for COVID19.  And one of them is showing a rare set of symptoms. 

“We’re seeing a subset of children coming in with severe disease that affects multiple organs,” said Ahmed. 

It’s being called Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome. 

The symptoms include persistent fever, rash, abdominal pain, vomiting, and swelling of the hands and feet. 

The number of cases increasing, especially in New York City. 

“We thought that children were not especially affected by the virus. To now find out that they might be, and it might be several weeks later, this is truly disturbing,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

A sole case of Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome now in Mecklenburg county. Doctors say this shows there is a lot we don’t know about the virus. 

“We are seeing it. We expect to see more cases. We’re always being vigilant for more cases,” said Ahmed. 

Atrium doctors also say there has been a drop in well-child visits and routine immunizations. 

During a conference call on Wednesday, they stressed the importance of regular check-ups and vaccinations to ensure the general health of children.