Edge On The Clock: Could Cannabis Help Cure The Coronavirus?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A team of Canadian scientists believe they have found strong strains of cannabis that could help prevent and then treat coronavirus infections. The New York Post, reporting that researchers from the University of Lethbridge said that a study done in April, revealed that least 13 cannabis plants, high in CBD, appeared to affect the ACE2 pathways that the virus uses to access the body. The scientists suggest the cannabis strains could be used in preventative treatments like mouthwash or throat gargle, to keep your mouth virus-free.

Plus, elite athletes are doing what they can to be ready when pro-sports are allowed to return. The Athletic is reporting that LeBron James has been holding private workouts with some of his Lakers teammates.

And, Netflix says it will start asking its inactive users if they want to keep their membership. If they don’t want to, or if they don’t respond, Netflix will automatically cancel their service.