Would You Be Willing To Walk Through A Disinfecting Misting Machine?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A biologist-turned-entrepreneur has created a walk-through sanitizing station to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Donald Toatley calls it the SafePass Intelligent Disinfectant Station. It won’t work unless you’re wearing a mask. Then it takes your temperature, dispenses hand sanitzer, and once you step into the station, it sprays you with a diluted hydrogen peroxide vaporizing mist.

Toatley says his studies have shown it has a 99 percent pathogen kill rate. He says, “It really acts as the first line of defense in helping to mitigate the virus by reducing individual’s ability to transmit the virus through secondhand contact. Our primary mission is to reopen America safely and be able to restore the pathway to consumer confidence and getting back to doing the things we love.”

A theme park in Malaysia is using the machines, and the NBA is reportedly interested. The CDC has not weighed in.

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