Pro Athletes Refuse To Play, Demand Action To Bring Police Reform


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Thursday, several NFL teams canceled practice to discuss police brutality, and racial inequality. The Baltimore Ravens have moved past talk, and outlined a course of action for lawmakers. The organization tweeted out a statement saying in part, “Although we cannot right all the wrongs of our country’s history, we can arrest the police officers responsible for Breonna Taylor’s killing and the shooting of Jacob Blake.” The Ravens also demand that Senator Mitch McConnell bring the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 to the senate floor for a vote.

The NBA, leading this new charge, after the Milwaukee Bucks’ decision not to play Wednesday night. The organization has called on basketball legend and Hornets owner Michael Jordan to act as a liaison between team owners and players. According to Sports Center, Jordan has encouraged owners to let players voice their frustrations before offering solutions of their own and was in favor of continuing the season, believing that the games are the best and most visible platform for social change.

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