Mint to Focus On Community And Culture When It Reopens On Sept 22nd

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Mint Museum is readying to welcome guests for the first time since March after Gov. Roy Cooper loosened restrictions on Museums during a Tuesday news conference. 

While museums can open with reduced capacity on Friday, many, including the Mint in Uptown Charlotte will prepare for a few more weeks before opening it’s doors. 

People entering the Mint Museum in Uptown will be greeted with distancing reminders, hand sanitizer and plexiglass. 

Jen Edwards is the Chief Curator at the museum. She says they’ll open at half capacity. People will be required to wear masks and no more than 25 people in each gallery.

She says the last few months have been constant exhibit planning and canceling. 

“And then that got postponed and then we decided to just wait,” said Edwards. 

They’ve used this time to shift their focus to themes more appropriate for the cultural landscape. 

“And then when the Black Lives Matter movement really started to take hold around the country, then we started to think about all of these issues around systemic racism,” said Edwards. 

Most of the Mint’s revenue comes from the eight to ten events held in the atrium each month. 

“That is where the pandemic has affected us the most,” said Edwards. 

Without that cash flow, Edwards says they’ve made large cuts to programming and are now making a concerted effort to focus on the local community. And using local artists. 

“As a result, we’re doing an exhibition called silent streets, which is about art being made during the pandemic,” explained Edwards. 

Edwards says the Mint offers a reprieve from the stress and uncertainty of everyday life. 

“You don’t have to think about what you’re seeing, you just have to be immersed in this color,” said Edwards describing one of the exhibits that will be on display. 

The museum opens on September 22nd to members. It’ll open on the 25th to the public. The first weekend will be free for all guests. The Lewis Family Gallery will remain closed until further notice.