Bar & Coffee Shop Shuts Down For A Day After Customers Exhaust Employees Over COVID Rules


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – After a week of multiple confrontations with customers violating health guidelines and not wearing masks, a bar and coffee shop in Chicago decided to close for 24-hours to give its employees a mental health day. The owner of Beer On The Wall and Off The Wall Cafe posted about the closing on Facebook, and says they had a lot of support when they re-opened.

Beer On The Wall owner Ryan Tracy says, “We had so many people, so many restaurants, so many other retail businesses reach out and say they’re have similar issues and just seeing so much support from the city was great and it really helped.”

Off The Wall Cafe employee Megan Linse says, “What I want to see more of, is just grace from people. Having grace to the people that are serving you.”

The staff says that their regular customers are more cognizant than ever about the abuse front line workers in the service industry can face.

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